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Grade 2

Grade 2 is based on the acquired knowledge of Grade 1.


The thematic approach for Grade 2 curriculum is very exciting and embraces innovative teaching techniques such as graphic organisers and very active student participation. Through creativity in activities, children will be given the opportunity to consider various aspects of their individuality and identity in our multicultural society in Australia. Incidentally themes are drawn from the topics studied in the text book. Themes include: celebrations and festivals, food, me and my family, greetings, holidays & travelling and months and seasons. Language knowledge (simple articles, diphthongs and some double letters e.g. ει, οι, αι, αυ, ευ, ου, ντ, γκ, τσ, τζ, μπ,  γγ, and verb endings in the present tense) is taught inherently as part of the themes using a variety of strategies and text types such as games, songs, poems, conversations, greeting cards and postcards, reading selected texts, puzzles, etc. Speaking skills are developed through encouragement and participation in activities that stimulate their imagination and foster creativity. Emphasis is given to Spelling and Writing with strategies such as “look, cover, write, and check” and the process of rough copy to published product.

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