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AHEPA GREEK SCHOOL at Ivanhoe celebrated and sang ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΑΝΕΣΤΗ which was heard throughout the north-eastern suburbs of MELBOURNE!!!

Specifically, on Monday the 10th of May at 4.30pm, in the Rose Garden of IVANHOE GIRLS GRAMMAR School all the students, parents, guardians, teachers and members of AHEPA GREEK SCHOOL attended and sang ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΑΝΕΣΤΗ full of special reverence and emotion.

Father Haralambos, the reverent priest of Agios Georgios church at Northcote, chanted ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΑΝΕΣΤΗ with all the students and was heard throughout the north-eastern suburbs of MELBOURNE!!!

Along with his own wishes, Father Haralambos conveyed the love and blessing of the Archbishop of Australia, Makarios and the wishes of the Bishop of the Northcote Region Eumenios.

The AHEPA GREEK SCHOOL committee would like to thank Archbishop Mr. Makarios and Father Eumenios and to express a heartfelt thank you to Father Charalambos who gladly accepted the invitation of our school to perform the ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΑΝΕΣΤΗ ceremony.


In February we celebrate the custom of Carnavali and Kathari Deftera. The goal is for students to become familiar with significant Greek traditional celebrations. Students and teachers come to school dressed up in colourful costumes, masks, hats and big smiles. The School provides streamers, balloons and whistles so everyone can participate in the fun. Teachers engage the students with activities in the classroom so that the children understand the spirit of Carnavali. The Carnavali celebrations is a great opportunity for students to meet each other and spend a pleasant time together, learning the tradition in a joyful atmosphere.

Carnavali has its roots in ancient Greek life and worship. This happy dress up and fun custom has survived throughout the ages and is celebrated across Greek cities and villages. It has been adopted and adapted within the Christian tradition and it is celebrated for three weeks prior to Clean Monday/Kathari Deftera. This is the day where the fasting (Lent/Sarakosti) period begins, leading to Easter. 


Happy “Sarakosti”

Grade 2 March 2019.jpeg

The custom of "Marti"

In March we celebrate "Marti". From the 1st until the 31st of March, children wear a small red and white striped bracelet called “Marti”. According to local folklore, “Marti” magically protects the children from getting sunburnt during the first hot days of March. The bracelet is worn until the first arrival of the swallows. As soon as the children spot a swallow they run to tell their family. Then they cut off their bracelet and hide it outdoors. The swallow finds the bracelet and leaves a small gift or sweets in the hiding place. To celebrate this custom, each child is given a red and white bracelet to wear.

Greek Independence Day

AHEPA GREEK SCHOOL marched with great pride on Sunday March 25 along with other Greek language schools to commemorate the anniversary of our Independence Day of the 25th March 1821. Many of the students were dressed in traditional costumes and others in blue and white. Beneath the blue skies of Melbourne students paraded waving the blue and white flag of our motherland Greece. We thank the children and parents who participated in the parade and made us all proud!

The following day we celebrated the anniversary of the greatest historical day for the Greeks at the School. Many compliments go to our students and teachers who sought with so much love to learn poems, songs and dances, in the limited time we spent in preparation for the celebration. The Hall was fitted with festive decorations and under the eyes of our heroes, memories came alive again and secret promises were given that we will never forget them and we will make Greece to shine again.


We were particularly impressed with the continuous sequence between the speeches, plays, dancing and singing.  The dramatisation of the "Marmaromenos Vasilias" by Grade 5 revealed the acting ability of our children and was loudly applauded by the audience. We  were particularly impressed by the dancing skills of students who performed various traditional dances such as “Deka Palikaria” Gr 3, “Ehe yia kaymene kosme” Gr 6, and “Kalamatianos”, “Zonaradikos” and “Syrtos” by all students.


Congratulations to all who contributed to the success of this Concert. We enjoyed a great program in a joyful and emotional atmosphere.


We are sure that the interest and enthusiasm we show about our language and our cultural events has a positive influence on our children and that was demonstrated tonight.  At AHEPA GREEK SCHOOL, we are all proud of our work because we have created a happy school where teachers, assistants, volunteers and parents work together for the benefit of our students

2018 Concert.jpg


The students of AHEPA Greek School showcased their wonderful performance skills during a humorous adaptation of the Kefalonian folktale “The Sweetest Bread”.  Students sang and danced and performed comedy in an effort to amuse their very sad King! They played their roles with much joy and enthusiasm, drawing lasting applause from the delighted audience.

The play was followed by the much anticipated dancing showcase where children of all grades performed dances from all parts of Greece. 

The success of this concert was reflected in the enthusiastic and rousing applause of the over 400 parents, relatives and friends of the students who had gathered to celebrate the end of our school year. Congratulations to our students and hard working and diligent teachers, assistants, our drama teacher and dancing instructor.

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