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Grade 6

On completion of Grade 6, students are able to:

  • Participate in oral interactions to convey and receive information. Students demonstrate sound-discrimination effectively. In tone languages, students discern tone patterns in slowed speech.

  • Show awareness of the language and cultural requirements related to a given topic; they adapt language and gesture appropriately for the role, audience and purpose of the discourse. They acquire and use new information and language, and recycle previously learnt language skills and knowledge in new contexts. They initiate and lead communication and respond to communication initiated by others.

  • Apply their knowledge of word meanings, word associations and cognates to their own work.

  • Organise and apply grammatical information and knowledge of words, conduct dictionary research, and work independently on defined projects using the language.

  • Read short passages for meaning. They read aloud effectively, and apply knowledge of a range of accents, tone markers and punctuation in a variety of contexts. They express themselves through writing by generating original sentences in the language, using modelled examples which may be linked to form paragraphs. Using print and electronic resources, they draft, self-correct, access dictionaries, script check and present written products.

  • Intercultural knowledge and language awareness

  • Apply relevant conversational rules and expectations; for example, those related to politeness. They demonstrate understanding of cultural differences in writing conventions for specific discourse forms by producing equivalent items in another language.

  • Demonstrate effective reflection on their language learning by sharing a learning strategy they use successfully, or by evaluating and improving a strategy they have tried. They interact with members of the language community in Australia as a means of extending their understanding of perspectives on the themes and topics studied in the classroom.

  •  Identify ways in which the language and culture has impacted on Australia and present information in written or oral forms in the language.

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