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Year 7

At Level 7, Year 7 students are able to:

  • Recall most of the main ideas, objects and details presented with a topic in the language. They use a range of strategies to assist in listening comprehension.

  • Adapt language and gesture appropriately for the role, audience and purpose of the interaction, demonstrating awareness of the cultural and language requirements of a range of situations associated with the topics being studied.

  • Participate effectively in interactions such as role-plays and conversations on simple topics. They create simple original text for specific audiences and purposes in print and electronic form. They write paragraphs and linked sequences, using appropriate script and language related to the topic.

  • Critically review their own writing. They draft their writing and use a variety of writing techniques and tools to present information in a range of text types. They locate and download information in the language from a variety of print and electronic resources including dictionaries and reference materials.

  • Read short passages silently and aloud to extract and/or communicate information. They apply their knowledge of a range of accent markers and punctuation in reading and writing familiar and unfamiliar texts. They write in linked sentences and paragraphs on a topic.

  • Actively participate in the creation and maintenance of the language and cultural ambience in the classroom. They select, interpret and present knowledge about the language, its speakers, and countries where it is spoken.

  • Demonstrate understanding of aspects of interpretation and translation by using appropriate language and levels of respect in different circumstances, thus reflecting the relationship between the speakers of the language. They interact with a variety of speakers of the language from different countries and communities, including Australia, to gain understanding of diverse views and beliefs within and between these communities.

  • Express their own views and values in relation to simple scenarios or propositions.

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